About Liver Donation

Potential live liver donors are educated on the risks associated with surgery, hospitalization, and recovery. The surgery to remove the portion of a donor's liver takes about 5 hours and the donor stays in the hospital for about seven days. Typically, the right lobe of the donor's liver is removed. During the surgery, about 40 to 60 percent of the donor's liver is removed. The liver begins to regenerate almost immediately. Most of the regeneration occurs in the first two weeks after the surgery, followed by a slower phase of growth over the next year.

The liver donation surgery will be conducted with Leanne's fine transplant team at Toronto General Hospital

Leanne is on the provincially regulated donor list (the cadaver list) but her medical team indicates she doesn’t have time.  As you likely know, Ontario suffers an incredibly low number of organ donators.  Tragic and terrifying.  They say that most successful transplants come from living donors and social media is the best way to get the word out.

If you or someone you know have blood type O, please contact her medical team 

Leanne Blyth-Yagrines

In Need of a Type O Liver Donation

Created July, 1, 2019. Please don't assume this is old news.  SHARE WIDELY

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