About Leanne

Leanne is a mother, wife, friend, daughter, aunt & do-gooder. She loves to fish, see live music, and road-trip in the area she grew up in (Cobourg Ontario). She loves FOOD.  She loves her family.  And she’d love to live.  But she needs a liver transplant.  Do you know much about your own liver? It’s amazing. If you donated a slice of your liver to Leanne, it would regenerate in BOTH of your bodies within 3 months.  Truly amazing. 

Leanne needs a donor with Blood Type O.  She is a universal donor but can only receive Type O.  If you know Leanne, you know that’s ironic. She would give you anything, including her blood. Universally.  No bias.  No judgment.  Can you consider doing the same?

If you or someone you know have blood type O, please contact her medical team 

Leanne Blyth-Yagrines

In Need of a Type O Liver Donation

Created July, 1, 2019. Please don't assume this is old news.  SHARE WIDELY

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